Interview: Dane Burman

  • 3 May 2021

Part 4 of our short interview series is with handrail annihilator, Dane Burman. Dane has killed it for as long as I remember and is one of Australia’s greatest exports. 


Currently living in Vista, Calirfornia, kinda hating it, kinda loving it. He is currently sponsored by Zero, Liquid Death, Spitfire, Thunder, Vans, Footprint insoles, Mob Grip, Sunday Hardware, Poler Stuff. Dane grew up in Sydney, Australia and thats where home will always be for him but he moved to the US 8 years ago to do the pro skater thing and he’s still there doin’ it.

You can pick up his board HERE


What are you currently working on?

Been filming a bunch of HD stuff lately to hopefully put towards a a Vans project. But Zero also has another video in the works that i’ve been filming for. Not sure which i’m going to commit heavier to just yet but i’m on my way to a full part somewhere between the two of them.



Photo: Kurt Hodge


Favourite skate related possession?

I have a lot of my friends first pro graphics, got some Dave Swift, Heath Kirchart prints signed by them both that i’m pretty into. Got knobs that i took off spots before skating them that mean a lot to me too.


Photo: Michael Burnett


Something about you that is not related to skateboarding that people might not know?

I can play a little bit of Linkin Parks’ “In the End” on piano.


What did you do yesterday?

Yesterday I went kayaking and saw alligators and caught a turtle, then flew from Florida to California.


Photo: Daniel Stolling


Favourite period in skate history that isn’t right now?

Probably early 2000s when big rail skating was kicking off hard and some of the greatest of greats were really in their prime. Koston, Kirchart, Rowley….



Favourite skate spot of all time past or present?

Martin Place from like 7 years ago when the rails were all de kinked and the benches off the threes were better.


Polejam – Photo: Kurt Hodge


What’s next in skateboarding?

Honestly, probably not much good. But there are a few hopefuls out there that could be a saving grace. Jack O’Grady for one.


Follow Dane on Insta at www.instagram.com/daneburman

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