Interview: French

  • 11 October 2021

Interview 26 is with skate artist and illustrator, French. I first saw French’s work when I opened the shop back in 2015, on a couple of Heroin decks, which means I was really late to the game in discovering his work. Fast forward a few years and I bumped into him whilst he was assembling his art show at the Passport Store in Sydney, Australia sporting a rather nasty looking broken arm. Since then French’s work has graced the surface of d many many more skateboards, including for his own company, Witchcraft. He now runs a Gallery and works on his own brand, Dungeon. 


Thanks to French for taking the time to do this. As always, it’s much appreciated. 




Can you give us a brief introduction?

My names French, I’m an artist / illustrator. I predominantly make artwork for the skateboard industry, music, fashion, print and sometimes beer and wine brands. Some of the skate  brands I have worked with include Independent, Creature, Independent, Vans, Volcom, Heroin, Cliché, Real, Black Label, Emerica, Altamont just to name a few. I have exhibited all over the world & I currently run a small gallery called ‘101’ & I have a little fun brand called DUNGEON. I used to have a skateboard company called Witchcraft. 




What are you currently working on?

I just finished making some stuff for a new range for Volcom, which is actually a collab with my wife Chrissie Abbott. So I’m in France at the Volcom office making some large wood cut paintings for a photoshoot to go with the clothing. I’m also working on some paintings for private commissions which is super fun & some artwork for a death metal band from England called ‘Decrepid’. 



Favourite skate related possession

I have an original Ross Goodman ‘Grave Digger’ board, still in the wrap. This was the same one as my first ever proper board. So I’m hyped to own it. It’s actually my only wall hanger. 






Something about you that is not related to skateboarding that people might not know?

I really like to ride my bike and go camping. I think it’s called bike packing? I have a pretty fun bike, my friend built for me when my arm was broken and I got super into riding it while I couldn’t skate and it became a sort of new obsession. 



What did you do yesterday?

Did some emails, drew some stuff for a new Dungeon design. Painted some mushroom monsters on wood at the Volcom office and then skated the park there. In the evening I just chilled with my wife and watched reality TV. 




Favourite period in skate history that isn’t right now?

I think maybe around ’93-94 in Farnborough at the underground car park. Learning more and more from the older skaters and getting into trouble. 




Favourite skate spot of all time past or present

My fav spot is 100% the Underground Car Park, Farnborough. Hampshire, England. Manny pads, curbs and fun. I’ve skated it all my skateboarding life and its the one place I truly feel at home.





What’s next in skateboarding?

Who knows! I’m sure it’ll be fun though. 

Follow French on insta at www.instagram.com/funeralfrench

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