Interview: Jake Martinelli

  • 24 May 2021

Part 7 of our short interview series is with Jake Martinelli. A skateboarder for more than 20 years and one of the UK’s hardest working film makers and an integral part of the London skate scene. As the brains behind the Rugged Raw series of videos and with Part 3 looming we thought it would be a great time for a catch up.



What are you currently working on?

I am Currently working on a full length video rugged raw 3 which is pretty much finished, originally it was supposed to be finished last year but due to all the Covid I had to hold out on releasing it unfortunately, mainly because I wanted to have a premier, as we all know premiers are the best bit, best excuse to get everyone together. I’ve also been working on a couple of Lino carving commissions, and a Bad Brains one of a rad glen E. Friedman photo.




Favourite skate related possession?

Ahh thats is a hard one I have so much shit I’ve collected over the years, I’d probably have to say my ‘Yeah Right’ deck that I’ve got hanging on the wall, I always wanted that board when i was a kid but never got it so when they reissued them I couldn’t not get one.



Something about you that is not related to skateboarding that people might not know?

I play drums and recently started playing in a band again called ‘Kickin’ Pigeons’. I say recently but it’s actually been over a year now thinking about it haha.



What did you do yesterday?

I was working painting the outside of a house but got rained off at lunch time so ended up having to go and start on another job, after work drew up some new things to make lino prints of at some point.



Favourite period in skate history that isn’t right now?

I’d say early 2000’s like ‘Sorry’ and ‘Yeah Right’ era that’s gotta be it for me, everything about it I loved, so much so I feel asleep in one of my GCSE exams and dreamt I was filming clips with Koston for ‘Yeah Right’.



Favourite skate spot of all time past or present?

Mecca car park in Harlow, it was always the meeting point as a youngster, meet there at 11. Spent hours in there, even went skating there the other week never gets boring.



What’s next in skateboarding?

Learn to skate transition better and work out axel stalls that trick makes no sense, I’ll do one after about 30 attempts then try again and can’t do another for another 30 try’s so baffling. I’d like to work on another video project with the crew and bomb more hills and hopefully go on more trips again




Follow Jake on Insta at www.instagram.com/jakemartinelli11

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