Interview: Mark ‘Fos’ Foster

  • 19 April 2021

This is our second of a weekly series of short interviews we are doing on people who contribute to skateboarding’s rich culture, and keep it rad.


This week Fos has been kind enough to share his thoughts with us – Owner of the mighty Heroin Skateboards and the newly birthed Snot Wheels, possibly Britains most prolific skateboard artist, one time Art Director of Altamont and proper skate rat. Fos’s unique style has graced the bottom of decks for Toy Machine, Real, Foundation, Zero, Black Label, Creature, Baker and Deathwish amongst others.


What are you currently working on?

Finishing some Heroin board graphics for Fall 2021, couple of freelance bits, had a big weekend of art sales, so packing pieces up for people and printing labels and all that.



Favourite skate related possession?

Wow, that’s a tough one. A page from Thrasher which was an Indy ad, that Dressen signed at a demo in Bury in around 1990.



What did you do yesterday?

Skated Garvanza park in the morning for a bit, Packed up loads of boxes with boards and artwork and stuff for folks. Worked on Heroin graphics.


Started sketching up a board for a new brand that a friend of mine is starting, but that’s super early days and it might be kind of a big draw that one. I’m having fun with it though.


Oh, wrote a press release for my new Wheel brand Snot explaining why the launch is gonna be delayed a little bit.  Had Chinese food at night.




Favourite period in skate history that isn’t right now?

Manchester 1988-1991. No Security guards, no skate stoppers, no CCTV, people just looked at you with curiosity.



Favourite skate spot of all time past or present?

Crown banks in Manchester, Stockwell Skatepark, Le Wag in Paris, Eiffel Tower banks in Paris.



What’s next in skateboarding?

Product shortages maybe. Ha ha.

Skating itself is in a great place, there’s stuff that appeals to everyone all across the board, its all getting a bit of shine, from super gnarly tech stuff, and straight up gnarly skating that looks like something from a video game to scenes which feel more fun and mucking around with your mates, girls are here to stay, transgender people are here now and not as afraid to come out, it seems more welcoming to everyone than maybe it has in the past.



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