Interview: Samuel ‘Wally’ Walters

  • 31 May 2021

Part 8 of our short interview series is with our newest shop teamrider, Samuel ‘Wally’ Walters. He’s been skateboarding for more than 10 years and was one of our first customers when we opened our shop back in 2015. Since then he’s really progressed and we’re super happy to have him representing our shop. Walls also rides for Reaper Surf Co.



What are you currently working on?

At the minute I’m collecting clips, trying to put an edit together. It takes me a while to actually get footage, once I focus on getting certain things on film I become mega critical of little things. I guarantee I can pick a fault in most clips you’ll find of me online. I did have a nice collection of footage building up that I was happy with, then I smashed my phone so back to square one I guess



Favourite skate related possession?

Probably my board collection, just got all my old shaped boards on the wall opposite my bed. Its cool at night too because I’ve got a couple of Heroin Skateboards Eyeballers on there and can confirm, they are glow in the dark, so I often go to sleep with about 50 pairs of glowing eyes on me.


Something about you that is not related to skateboarding that people might not know?

I love pro wrestling. Have done since I was a kid. Went to a few WWE shows in the UK as a kid, went to a few UK indy shows before the pandemic said ‘no mate’ to everything. I just love how dumb it is, it’s just an over exaggerated soap opera with more piledrivers. I love watching big sweaty men cuddle in their pants is basically what i’m saying.



What did you do yesterday?

Dug a hole, fixed a few drains, just work stuff really. Went for a pint after work with one of the lads from work, then went and had a few beers with the boys. 



Favourite period in skate history that isn’t right now?

70s/Dogtown/Tony Alva/Stacey Peralta all that good shit.  If they ever invent time machines, catch me down Santa Monica breaking into back gardens and skating pools.



Favourite skate spot of all time past or present?

Newstead Skatepark. Out the way, usually empty, quirky obstacles and a bit of a ‘Deliverance’/’Hills Have Eyes’ kinda vibe especially with the woods next to it.


What’s next in skateboarding?

Probably more ridiculous mind melting stuff that doesn’t make sense to me. Dolphin flip front smith laser flip out? Dunno, I’ll stick to laybacks and bonelesses. When they come back into fashion I’ll be ready and waiting.

Photos by Christopher Morgan 

Follow Wally on Insta at www.instagram.com/gr1m_reef3r

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